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Passion for design

Design has been part of my life for a very long time, but then I got involved in the custom gunite pool business and one thing led to another until one day I was already drawing, pricing, ordering materials and getting involved in the construction process. But I could not be able to do it myself, and overtime I’ve found a very talented team… as a matter of fact, my husband is an architect who is always helping me. All of us have the same mission: to build different kind of spaces with the highest quality without sacrificing design. Check more about this design phase here.

Sunnyside Spaces BBB Business Review

Creating Colorful spaces

Cristina Moreno-Garcia

Sunnyside Spaces CEO and Creative Designer

Let us transform your Outdoor space

It’s not easy to be part of the construction world, as a matter of fact it’s been a hard and exciting learning process, full of obstacles and fun moments, but when I see a finished project I’m convinced that I’m on the right path.

If you live in San Antonio or any of the surrounding cities, and you’re thinking about bringing that empty space to life, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll make sure to transform that white canvas in a colorful backyard. We’re fully insured, you can trust us, we won’t go away.

Go to our page of projects to find our more about our recent portfolio.

Warranties, terms and conditions

  • Sunnyside spaces builds every space with the highest quality and warrants every work performed, with some terms, and conditions.
  • Sunnyside Spaces warrants its plaster work to be free from defects in the material and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date the pool is plastered but there is no guarantee actual colors will match 100% images shown.
  • 1 year warranty on tile, coping and plumbing.
  • The project schedule is set on the size and scale of the construction. Construction days are counted with the assumption of clear weather to allow outdoor construction. Actual dates may vary due to weather and other circumstances.
  • The Contractor will schedule work after there is an agreement from both parties. 
  • BUYER’S RIGHT TO CANCEL: You may cancel this agreement by providing a written notice to Sunnyside Spaces (“Contractor”) up to 24 hours prior to commencement. After this time, you will be charged a cancellation fee according to the amount of work that has been performed and materials purchased and on the site.
  • LIMITATIONS AND EXCLUSIONS: Sunnyside Spaces (SS) is not liable for defects or damage caused by accident, vandalism, abuse, misuse, exposure to fire or hazards of nature, including floods, ground faults, shifting or settling soil, improper drainage, maintenance, winterization, freezing temperatures  or any other external occurrence that SS has no control over. 
  • Sunnyside Spaces is NOT LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES caused by the owner, pets or third parties not involved in the work during the time is being performed. 
  • The warranty does not cover discoloration, shadowing, checking, or staining of the Plaster finish, since it is due to the physical and chemical nature of the plaster, local water conditions, and improper use of chemicals or improper cleaning and maintenance. 
  • Sunnyside Spaces is not responsible for water, sewer, or any other requirements to fill the pool. 
  • Sunnyside Spaces will determine if and how items or equipment shall be repaired or replaced. SS is not responsible for matching color or brands that are no longer available, but will make every reasonable effort to match as closely as possible. 
  • *PLEASE NOTE: Up to ¼” drop in water level per day is considered normal water loss for climate conditions in this region of the United States.
  • In the event SS installs sidewalks and decking, Customer understands that sidewalks and concrete decking are not warranted against cracking, chipping or shifting.
  • When the customer has work performed by others, SS does not warrant such work and the company shall not be held liable for such work or loss damages, which may result therefrom. 
  • Pool and Spa jets are not guaranteed to have equal pressure flow of water and/or air bubbles. 
  • Customers shall notify SS of any alleged defects or breach of the above warranty within a reasonable time after discovery, in no event later than ten (10) days after discovery; such notice shall be sent to SS. 
  • The above warranties are effective only if Customer has complied with all terms and conditions, payment and other provisions of the contract.
  •  The warranties become void if: the pool is not kept full except for a ten (10) day maintenance period each year, if the pool structure is damaged by reason of the water rising above the lowest point of the pool when the pool is not kept full; or by reason of any earth or fill ground movement, Acts of God, war, riots, or other civil disturbance, acts of others; or if there was a transfer or change of ownership of the real property on which the pool is located. Defects or failures resulting from mistreatment or neglect by Customer will be repaired or serviced at Customer’s expense. 
  • If Customer has work performed by others that is not provided for in this contract, such as, but not limited to, electrical panel changes, landscaping, erection of fences and retaining walls, SS does not warrant such work, and SS shall not be held liable for such work or loss or damages which may result therefrom. The site and exclusive remedy of the Customer and obligation of SS for the matter set forth herein whether on warranty, contract, negligence, or strict liability, is the repair of the defect. Sunnyside Spaces shall in no event be liable for special or consequential damages. A Diagnostic fee will be charged by SS for each service call to determine the problem and offer a remedy.
  • Should the owner, builder, or any public body or inspector direct any modification or addition to the work covered by this proposal, the contract price shall be modified accordingly. Modification or addition to the work shall be executed only when a change order has been signed by both the owner and contractor. However, in the event that the building department or other governing body requires a change or modification then the contractor may make that change prior to receiving written authorization and thereafter negotiate the effect of that change with the owner. The change in the contract price cost by such change order shall be as agreed to in writing or if the parties are not in agreement as to the change in contract price, contractor’s actual cost of labor, equipment, subcontract and materials, +15% for its overhead and 10% for profit shall be the change in contract price. The change order may also increase the time within which the contract is to be completed. 
  • All pool dimensions are inside pool measurements. Dimensions are approximate and shall be within reasonable tolerances either way.
  • About decks, pergolas and other sorts of construction, Sunnyside Spaces, LLC offers a one-year workmanship on all we build and five-year structural guarantee. Many of the materials we use are backed by their own warranties as well.
  • All follow up maintenance must have been followed properly by the homeowner as recommended by manufacturers after installation.
  • Pressure Treated wood decks and other constructions need to be properly protected by a sealant designed for pressure treated wood. Solid color stains tend to peel and flake as wood contracts and expands. Sealing decks, pergolas or other constructions will not eliminate the natural characteristics of wood such as cracking, rotting, splitting but might reduce the amount of the natural wood breakdowns. 
  • This warranty is effective only upon payment in full by the customer per the payment schedule. The warranty will only be honored to those accounts which have been paid in full and per contract agreement. Payments not received per the contract amount may not only void the warranty, but will also result in a late fee outlined on proposal/invoice. 
  • Non-payments or not paying the full balance within (30) days then Sunnyside Spaces, LLC will add an additional late fee of an additional $45.00 and may take less than desirable action against the client to pursue payment via means of a lien on the property and client will be financially responsible for legal fees to collect such payments.
  • The original client/homeowner must be the one making the claim. The warranty is non-transferable.
  • Payment schedules are vital to keep the project on track so please be mindful of this during your project and please contact the project manager or office with any questions.
  • Timeliness of any warranty work performed shall be at the discretion of the contractor, (typically 2-3 weeks). Typically, we like to address issues as soon as possible, but we do ask for flexibility in the case of weather or unforeseen circumstances that might slow down the process.
  • Unfortunate natural occurrences such as storm damage, flooding or other acts of God, vandalism, animal, flying debris, winds exceeding 60 MPH, hail or fire damage are not covered under our warranty.
  • With composite decks, waviness of decking can occur as the framing is still typically wood and the lumber dries out. “Low E” from window reflections can cause decking to warp between joists due to extreme heat. These issues are not covered under warranty but typically we can resolve issues for a minimal fee. There is a metal deck framing option if this is a major concern.
  • Safety is our top priority. Please keep children and pets away from the working area for safety reasons. We also ask that homeowners give our crews ample space to work or we will have to charge additional fees for delays that could cause. Our crews will stop working for your safety and theirs to answer and questions or concerns. We ask that clients stay away from the project location while crews are working. Customer agrees to hold Sunnyside Spaces harmless in the event of injury as a result of being inside the project location.
  • Change of order: Any additional work not related to the original scope of work will be subject to a change order and will be an additional cost assumed by the client.