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Frequently asked questions

water poll near house during golden hour

If you are not sure about getting a fiberglass swimming pool for your property, or you have questions about installation and materials, here are the most frequent questions we get from our customers.

Why should I select a Sunnyside Spaces fiberglass pool?

When we wanted to install a fiberglass pool in our backyard, the builder sold us a rectangular swimming pool that was supposed to be installed within a month. Sad news: we didn’t get the shape or size we wanted, neither the color. And 3 months later, we still were getting excuses from the contractor about the pool installation date. We finally got rid of this company and we decided to start our own business with the purpose of bringing fiberglass pools similar to the one we envisioned and we started searching for serious companies. This is how Sunnyside Spaces started. We don’t like empty promises. We like to deliver a great product.

Why should I select a fiberglass swimming pool?
Gunite pools are nice, custom made and you can get yours with the size and shape you want and with the finishes that you want. We’re not going to say otherwise. In the other hand, the fiberglass pools are prefabricated objects in a single structure with many different shapes and depths. They are produced with the help of a mold using different materials, including: resin, fiberglass, gel coat. After they are made, they will be cured and after this process, they are ready to go. The installation is so fast most of the times, and the maintenance is very easy, specially with the help of robot cleaners.

Some of our models can be personalized with waterline tile, spas of different shapes, and many other water features (check our post about water features). The installation cost might be expensive, but we offer financing options in case you don’t have one already.

We’ve heard that some customers have changed the pool to a different location, with professional supervision. Isn’t it amazing?

What about the warranty?
At Sunnyside Spaces, we take immense pride in selecting fiberglass pools companies that build products that stand the test of time. When you choose one of our pools, rest assured that you’re investing in a product built to last.