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Proud of our work

This is only a small part of the outdoor spaces portfolio we have built during the past decade and we are very proud of everything we’re building everyday. We’ll always add more images in this space. If you want to start a conversation, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Patio renovation

This swimming pool had a sunshelf with bubblers, bench, a nice hot tub and a waterfall. This family from New Braunfels opted to have the smart panel to control everything from their phones. The finishes were very exclusive, since they were inclined to get glass mosaic tile, Travertine and splitface in ivory coompleted the look of the pool.

If you want more information about swimming pools before making a decision, check our posts here.

Designed and built

The customer didn’t want a rectangular pool or full of curves, so we designed a pool with rounded corners and a big rectangular hot tub, a big sunshelf to be able to entertain a lot of people. This pool can be considered a big one, 25×45. From the first draft to the completed outdoor space, there were some changes, but we are proud of the final look, that included travertine covering all the concrete patio, warm and neutral tones for the tile and plaster finishes.

Full backyard renovation

The customers decided to replaster the pool, get a new tile, new pergola, spray deck and coping painted with a color matching the rest of the outdoor project. This paint and the spray deck will keep the floor cooler during the super hot days during the summer. We also fixed the equipment room, that was falling apart.

Refreshing the front of the house:

In this project, the customer was told that his new door had to be returned because the length was different and it wouldn’t fit. But we removed the old door, reframed the area, installed the new door, light fixtures, numbers and also we added a new custom window on top of the door. Voila! the front of the house was completely renovated within 2 days.

Our customers had a new pool above ground but they needed the elevated deck. They were so excited with the results, they couldn’t believe it would look so beautiful. Sunnyside Spaces!

This pavilion was all made with cedar. The customer was excited with the results.

We love to design outdoor spaces. In this case, the customers wanted a deck, but something creative. We designed the deck with our special software, they approved it and they loved the result in the end.

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