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Popular water features for the pool

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A slide, a rainfall, maybe bar stools… there are so many popular water features for the pool that sometimes is hard to decide which ones are right for a family and the answer depends of what kind of personal lifestyle and needs.

Let’s talk a little bit of some of the most popular water features you can add to your swimming pool to enhance its aesthetic appeal and create a more enjoyable and relaxing environment, and you can see some them in our project page:

Waterfalls, water spouts, scuppers: Waterfalls can be built to cascade into the pool, creating a soothing and natural sound of flowing water. They can be designed in various sizes and styles, from subtle trickles to dramatic cascades. Water spouts or scuppers are decorative features that release water in artistic patterns. They can be incorporated into the pool design or surrounding landscape.

Spillover Spa: A spillover spa is a separate elevated spa that spills over into the main pool, creating a seamless transition between the two. It not only adds visual appeal but also provides a relaxing space for hydrotherapy.

Bubblers and Jets: Bubblers are small jets placed on the pool floor that release a gentle stream of water, creating a playful and bubbly effect. Jets can be installed in various locations to create areas of movement in the water. Laminar jets create perfectly clear arcs of water that can be illuminated with LED lights, creating a visually striking and mesmerizing effect, especially at night.

Rain Curtains, rain showers: This water effect consist of thin streams of water falling from an overhead structure, resembling a curtain of rain. They can be positioned around the pool to add a unique visual element.

Grottos and Caves: For a more adventurous touch, you can add a grotto or cave feature. These can serve as shaded areas for relaxation and can incorporate waterfalls or cascades for added drama.

Fire, light and Water bowls: Combining fire and water elements can create a captivating contrast. Fire bowls or torches placed near water features can provide an enchanting ambiance.

Margarita table, bar stools, bar: Some of us like to entertain and we need the necessary accessories to make it happen. The margarita table is usually surrounded by a bench so we can comfortably have drinks without leaving the piscine. And a complete resort experience will be given by bar stools and a bar.

Trampolines, slides: Not only the kids will have tons of fun with water slides and trampolines. Definitely these water features are perfect for the active members of the family and for all the guests that want to have some fun.

When adding water features to your pool, consider factors such as the pool’s size, shape, and overall design, as well as your personal preferences and budget. It’s advisable to consult with a professional pool designer or contractor who can help you select and integrate the best water features for your specific pool project. We can help you to figure out what features work best for you. Contact us here.

And with financial help of some institutions, like Viking Capital or HFS your new pool will be a dream come true in a few weeks.

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